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Can't verify my business

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My name is Ray and I own a surf school in Huntington Beach. Our location is literally a lifeguard tower. Google doesn't recognize my address, I can't receive a postcard, and my business line isn't direct as it goes through an app that uses extensions for me and my instructors. 


As far as I can tell this is doable (my competitors have done it) but I can't for the life of me find out how. 


Any help is appreciated.




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Can't verify my business

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Hi Raymond, 

You should be able to make that happen, though it's a separate problem if Google doesn't recognize your address. As far as verifying goes though, start by requesting the verification postcard. Wait 14 days, and then contact Google My Business support by phone, Facebook, or Twitter and explain the situation. They'll give you further instructions. I don't know if the phone extensions will be a problem, they shouldn't be. 


Here's how to contact Google support:

Talk to a specialist



Can't verify my business

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First of all, thank you. 


At this point I have now submitted a verification claim with pictures. 3 total post card requests (can't talk to anyone unless they've sent a card). I have Messaged them through twitter and facebook and still a big 0.


They even said I have no pending requests for postcards.


Can't verify my business

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That's strange, so you wrote to Twitter, and they said they didn't see any pending postcard requests and said they couldn't help you? Am I understanding that right?

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