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i used to sign in directly to google ads express but now it takes you via google login and all my ad

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Can I sign in directly not via google login? I am totally confused by google logins. the story is long. I signed up to google grans a long time ago with my email. I had a two pre-google youtube accounts one with email and one with a name. When google acquired youtube it forced me to change name account into email account, and it wouldn't let me do the same email, so i used another organisational email. Ever since it has been a hell of confusion. I really need some help to sort out and rationalise my accounts and get back access to my ads? any ideas?

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i used to sign in directly to google ads express but now it takes you via google login and all my ad

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Hi @Film O,


You can use any type of an email to access your Google products & services. You simply create a Google account with your preferred email (which can be a gmail or private email) account. Once you do, that is what you sign in with. To expand on that, your Google account controls any login to any Google service. Take for instance, Google Chrome web browser... and click in the series of stacked dots in the upper right hand corner. When you do, you will see YouTube, Drive, My Business... lots of Google products & services. If you sign in to one of those, you will be signed in to all of them. And if you click on your profile image (or circle) in upper right hand corner, you will see "add account." If you click that, you can sign in with other Google accounts and then switch back and forth all you want. Whichever Google account you are signed in with will be the personalized Google products & services you will access.  


With that said, you would first need to determine which one you used to create your AdWords Express account, which is the account you would use to access manage your ads. 


You can log in to one of your accounts and use these links to see what you access:


Please dig around a bit and then let us know what you discover and we will be happy to assist further.


Kind Regards,




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