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hi, i have an issue with the call links, when i check on my add sometimes it appears diferent, however when i click on it from smart phone a call link appears with a random number. sometimes when the ad changes to a smaller size when you click on the web the random call link comes up instead of re directing you to web address. I have tried re drafting the add, changed setting but can not fix the issue.

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call links

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Hi @Nick T,


It sounds like a call tracking number is being used. Did you set one up with your AdWords Express account? 


Also, it sounds like you have a phone call only ad running along with another type of ad and Google is randomizing the use them, as they should (and that is proper). When you click the link, it will tell you more about these and provide a link to interact with support, so they can remove this feature.


You can use this info to mange your AdWords Express ads


Please let us know what you discover. 


Kind Regards,




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call links

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@Nick T,


Thank you for writing into the AdWords express Community. 

This is Siddhant and I am one of the community manager wanting to help you about the question you had about getting random numbers while checking your ad on the Search engine .


It has a very easy answer to it Nick, the only thing you need to do is to check the AdWords Express dashboard and see under the verified calls section whether the call reporting is activated or not. The call reporting feature randomly generates numbers with your ad, once the customer dials that number it automatically routes it to your number added on the ad or account. 


It basically works like a tracking tool to figure out and generate the number of calls you are getting from customers via the paid ads or AdWords platform. It works really well in locating the customers location and since AdWords Express works well with local advertiser's it can help an advertiser locate the location and reach out to the customer to render the services as requested.


Additionally, if you feel the option of call reporting is not helping you, please uncheck/unsubscribe the call reporting option under the dashboard and verify calls section. It will stop showing the random number immediately on the Google Search Engine.


Hope I was able to address your question and help you regarding the same. 


Please feel free to write in to us if there are any questions you need help on, I will be glad to help you.


Best Regards,


Siddhant Sooji - AdWords Express Community Manager