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Why is my site violating / ad disapproved. I cant check with AdWords Express

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Why is my site in violation of Googles terms? My ad got disapproved but I have no way of checking why with Adwords Express.


My site is


My Ad read as follows:


Screen Shot 2017-06-24 at 18.28.16.png

I got this email:


Your ad isn't running right now because it's disapproved for violating
Google's advertising policies. If you address the policy violations below,
we'll take a look and see if it can start running again.

Policy violations
Site violates policy: We've determined that your site doesn't comply with
our site policies. Because of this, any ads promoting this site have been

For more information about suspended sites, please see:


I would appreciate any advice! Thank you!


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Why is my site violating / ad disapproved. I cant check with AdWords Express

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For starters, your website needs a proper privacy policy posted in the footer of each page (replace the "site design by" with a privacy policy link). You contact page needs to clearly provide a mailing address, if not a physical address of the business so that those with issues can actually contact you (not post to social sites). Discuss the service area (list towns, cities, etc.) to fill in the contact page more. 


From here, you need more written content about the project you are marketing (stating in your ad). Ideally, you would have a header and paragraph for each product you mention in your ad's headline and description. They don't really match well with the ad, which will only lead to confusion and wasted money by those clicking and landing at your website. 


The website itself needs work to best present you. These are just some ideas...


1) put the menu on one line.

2) put logo above menu.

3) the last line on your front page should above large image. 

4) add more relevant test to all pages. 


AdWords is focused on a great user experience for those that click on an ad. The website must be full feature, credible, relevant and provide plenty of information for the subject of the ad. Photos do not qualify for any of that... although they are an asset for ideas. 


Study the websites's of the very best builders in your area for more ideas. Do some searches on Google and find ads for others offering what you do and study their websites. Study this help file info about site suspensions, along with reading everything with the link the email sent to you provides.


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Why is my site violating / ad disapproved. I cant check with AdWords Express

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Do you use IP GeoBlocking software? If so, Google unfortunately sees this common sense security measure as a violation. They want your site to be globally accessible regardless of the risk this creates for you and regardless of the fact that there is no upside to global accessibility for locally targeted websites. I found out the hard way that Google elevates their convenience over site security by requiring global access.