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Why do I get so many wrong numbers

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I'm having the same issue. We recently doubled our adwords budget. Since then, we've had over 20 calls generated by Google. However, all of the callers thought they were calling a different company (so far, 8 different companies). As I'm a relative newbie to all this, maybe I don't understand your response on how to deal with this.





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Why getting wrong numbers on Google genereated calls, and none of my own?

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Just recently doubled our Adwords budget. Since then, have received over 20 Google generated calls. However, not a single one was for my business. All callers thought they were calling a different business (so far, 8 different businesses). Why am I getting so many calls for so many other businesses? Does this mean that interested potential customers, who try to call me, are being diverted elsewhere? Why am I paying for Adwords, if consumers can't reach me?

Re: Why do I get so many wrong numbers

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Hi @Steve M,


I moved your post to a new thread so we can best provide help, keep the forums straight, and not cause more confusion for others. Please always make new threads for any issues you need help with.


My previous reply you are posting about is:


Typically this happens because of the tracking numbers being reused within the system and the people calling have added the phone number to their address book or saved it in some fashion and are calling them again long after the other business stopped using a tracking number... or they paused the campaign and resumed and were given a new tracking number. 


It's best to keep the ads active when using a tracking number to retain the phone number as long as possible. 


In regards to this, there is not a lot you can do on your end.


If the calls state they are from Google, then they are part of your call forwarding tracking number and it is something Google AdWords Express support would need to know about and see if they can help.


If the calls are direct, the number was quite possibly used previously in the forwarding system by others businesses and you now have that phone number.


I think you should call support and notify them of this issue ask them to verify your forwarding number is correctly assigned and/or to change it out... and to look at crediting your account for the calls that were incorrect. You can call Monday - Friday, 9:00 am to 8:00 pm (EST) at 1-866-246-6453.


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