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OverCharged Payments from Google Adwords Express

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I started running ads for my company via the fairly new AdWords Express in October. I should note that I have ran literally millions of dollars in adwords ads over the last 8 years. I am not a newbie. But I had not used Express before and found it easier, so I wanted to test it out. 
On Nov 17th after not getting many qualified leads I turned the ads Off. (Screen Shot, taken that day will prove this.) 
We continued to get billed. I called Support and was talked to like I had NO idea what I was talking about. Then I finally got someone that was at least helpful named Rachelle, she made sure that the ad was off, but this was in Feb. A full 4 months of getting billed over $1000 a month... Even Google could not seem to figure out WHY the ad was still running and why we were getting billed. 

I called again I sent them the screenshot showing that on my end the ads was deactivated. I called a total of 6 times. I was told that a refund would be "in process" whatever that means. But it never came through. 
So today we called our credit card to dispute. After we gave Chase all the information, they called Google giving them all the info and letting them know that this was fraud, and that we had been charged thousands of dollars more than we should have. 
We got ahold of a girl named Bashara, who claimed to be looking into the account. She  then hung up on us, with Chase on the phone, who has also made a note of this. 

I appreciate the service that Google offers, but this customer service is deplorable. 
I would like to talk to someone that I can explain this to once again, and who can and WILL actually do something. Otherwise, I will be steering all my clients away from AdWords, as this is unacceptable. 

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OverCharged Payments from Google Adwords Express

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This board is primarily for providing technical assistance - and in fact most of us (including myself) are not Google employees but are volunteers, partners, etc giving back to the community.  The lack of response is not a lack of interest - this is just not a forum designed to provide billing support. 

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