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Just a bit confused

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We have recently bought AdWords express for our business website. 

We are showing good numbers in the analytics - as far as views and the clicks are growing. 

I have worked to use the key words that are suggested. 

However, when we do a search for "classic cars", our site is not listed. Another company in town is, but not ours. 

If ours is not listed on search, how are we getting the views and clicks? 

And if ours in not listed, then what are we actually paying for? 

((can you tell that I am a "newbie" at all this? Smiley Sad )

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Just a bit confused

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Hi @Blaine P,


What business category are you using for AdWords Express


Typically, not every single search query will yield a paid ad for an advertiser. Budgets are usually too thin to make this happen even for the largest of companies. 


Aside from budget, the automated system of AdWords Express is going to only show ads within your targeted region and when they believe it to be a search query that will bring a click from someone that fits your ideal audience. Sometimes a search on a mobile device will put the searcher outside the targeted region, based on the service provider and this could affect if the ad is shown. Sometimes my mobile phone shows me as being two states away and other times it is on point.  


If you are getting clicks, that is great and shows that the ads are bringing people to the website. But what is happening after they arrive? You would want to dig in with Google Analytics and better understand how your website is preforming. 


You would also need to analyse the landing pages used for your ads. Are you using the front page of your website? If so, I can tell you that you need much more wording related to classic cars. The term is only used once and the word twice. Your pages are considered quite "thin" with regards to content.


I do see that you added "Meta Keywords" but those are not even really used anymore for organic searches and have absolutely nothing to do with paid advertising. This is not what it means to add keywords for SEO and/or ad relevancy. You need to write original content on your web pages that use keywords naturally. You need header titles and page titles and page names that align with the content of the webpage itself. You need several paragraphs of written content that provides something to the user. You need to then use all of that content to create ads.


If you see a local competitor showing up where you are not... study their ads and website and see what they are doing that you are not. One thing I image you will see is that they have more wording on their website and ads that are written differently from yours, namely meaning with more relevancy to the targeted topic.


At the end of the day, ads are not a tool to show your ad endlessly. It is geared towards matching the best ad to the searchers' search. It's all about the user experience for the consumer. Your job is to become part of that equation by giving Google a high quality match to the search. If Google shows your ad a lot for the search term classic cars and it gets very little clicks, the click through rate plummets and so does your relevancy and quality score. Your ads need to be clear about what a searcher will find when they click on that ad. The ad and website landing page need to be very smartly designed to be concise and completely relevant.    


You should use this information to view and improve your ad results. 


If needed, you can contact AdWords Express/AdWords Support and ask them to help with making sure you show up for more for classic car searches. They can access your account with you and walk you through it. Call 1-866-246-6453 Monday-Friday, 9:00 am to 8:00 pm (EST).


Let us know if we can help further. 


Kind Regards,



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