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Number of views tapered down

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Hi there,


New to AdWords Express here.


We created an account with a simple Christmas ad, and initially did the suggested $550/month budget.

Almost immediately we were getting a fair amount of views, and were also able to see our ad in Google search if we searched for related keywords.


In an hour or two we had 200+ views and 5 clicks.

We got a bit worried that if we left it this way overnight we might come back in the morning to a lot of clicks and more money spent than we expected, so we dialed the budget right down to the lowest.


Since then we have turned it back up to $550/month again, but we have not seen the same volume of views going on, and also no longer see our ad show up in Google searches.


Have we done something wrong?

Or is this just a timing thing?

The time we got the higher volume of clicks was Sunday afternoon - so obviously a lot of shoppers would be Googling for Christmas ideas.

Was this just an anomaly and now we have fallen back down to a baseline level of views?


Also we noticed that the clicks on Sunday for $1.50+ each, but we had one come in over night that was less than $1.00

Is this because clicks are cheaper in less contended hours?


We tried calling the support number listed as Google AdWords in google search results; but apparently this is not actually Google, and all they wanted was to sign us on as a customer to manage on our behalf.


Thanks for any help.



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Number of views tapered down

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When the results were cranking up... nothing should have been touched. When you did this, you did alter the algorithm, which is why performance dropped. It may come back, but then again I have also seen performance remain low after such actions. 


The thing we should discuss first is that when you set a budget, the system is going to control what it actions it takes based off of that budget. It might over spend one day and then relax on another. It will all average out to equal your daily budget for the whole month. You have to set the amount and then let the automated system to it's job for you by not changing the budget (especially on a new account with no historical data for it to work from). 


You will want to pause everything for 24 hours and then set the budget where you want it for the month based on a daily budget times 30.4 days. So $18 X 30.4 = 547.20 is this is your formula to use for your budget. After 24 hours, enable everything again and even consider making one new ad. At this point, just let everything sit for a week or so and do not fidget with it. AdWords Express is a very automated system that uses machine learning to adjust and optimize so that you do not have to. 


The cost for keywords is always in fluctuation. Each time a search is made that you are eligible to show in, there is an auction and your account settings, campaigns and ads are placed in that auction against any others. If there are many others with high bids and/or higher quality campaigns... you have to pay more to win the auction. Others times you might have to pay much less. There is nothing set in stone, ever. 


You will want to spend some time with this information and absorb as much as possible. Start at the beginning and work your way through it while taking notes as you go. After a few weeks (2-4), go back to the information and compare it to your account and adjust things (slowly) if you understand what you are changing and why. 


If you ever need to, you can call AdWords Express Support at 866-246-6453 Monday-Friday, 9:00 am to 8:00 pm (EST). This is toll-free number in the United States.


Please do let us know what you discover.


Kind Regards,






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Number of views tapered down

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Hi James,


Thanks so much for the helpful information.


We left everything alone and it appears to be churning through the views/clicks again.

Lesson learned!