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Start Small: Pretty Pallets, Part 2

Earlier this year we debuted a mini-series spotlighting a small business that's just starting out. We've been following Pretty Pallets since day one and recently caught up with Jesse Jones-Patrick for an update. Take a look.





Last time we talked to you, you mentioned your next step was planning your launch party. Can you give us an update on what happened?

The party was a success! I learned a ton about the mechanics of what works and what needed to be changed in order for us to move Pretty Pallets to a larger scale experience.

What was the highlight of the launch party?
The “grand reveal” of everyone’s artwork. It was an accumulation of so much time and effort building up, my teaching style, if I could teach a huge group (by myself) in less than 2 hours, to do what I’ve been trying to perfect for months. Everyone’s pallet sign came out awesome.

What came up that you weren’t prepared for?
The building we rented was locked so we weren’t able to set up upon arrival. No after hours contact either - it was a scramble!

How did you gather feedback in this initial stage?
I created a 10 question survey asking about the experience from start to finish including the online sign up experience, the teaching style, as well as price point. This helped me to get a feel for what improvements we could make immediately.

What did you learn from customer feedback that was surprising?
Everyone was a little confused about what they should expect at the launch party. This is a new(er) idea on the West Coast, so we realized we have to define what we’re doing, and THEN sell it.

Progress report questions
What’s the biggest challenge keeping you up at night?
Costs - our current price point is a little higher than I’d like. We need to find a solution for cutting our costs so we can pass that along to our customers

What’s your biggest accomplishment so far?
The launch party - having that moment and seeing it all come together made all the hard work and mess ups worth it.

What surprised you the most about the process so far?
How many times I’d mess up has been surprising- but it has been a necessary evil. I’m better at all aspects of this business because of it.

What’s your next step?
We’re moving! My family and I are moving out of California up to Washington state and I’m bringing Pretty Pallets with me to a brand new audience of people I’ve never met before!


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Dayo O
March 2017

Well, is really interesting seeing how dedicated people can be to start and build a business from scratch. I am really impressed!