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Google Employee

See How BlueCollar Working Dog Uses 360° View For Their Business

BlueCollar Working Dog is training the next puppy champion. Take a 360° look at their LA store, specializing in supplies and training for active dogs. #AllForSmallBiz https://goo.gl/zk0i9t


Sameer M


By the video I got some ideas about how to advertise community work's. Thanks for posting.

Marcos C

Hi I'm curious to know how to make a 360° video interactive like this? Is there a special camera?

Brielle B Google Employee

Glad you enjoyed the video, @Marcos C! You can learn more about creating and using 360 video by visiting the YouTube Help Center. The Help Center feature a list of the recommended cameras, as well:

Ch U
1 month ago

A very interesting video, was wondering if the video is little more zoomed in, during 1:03. Thanks for the link, very helpful info about how to make 360 degree video. 

Sameer M
1 month ago

Good work., Keep going. thumbs up.

Wayne C

Very cute Smiley Happy