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Learn the Basics of Content Marketing

Curious about content marketing for your small business? Over the next few weeks, we're covering the basics—making a GIF, sharing a video on social media, writing for your business and more.





Molly Y Badged Google Partner
September 2016

Content marketing is a great way to create an audience, find customers and have them remember your business when they need your product or service.



Mark M
September 2016

Content marketing means the difference between another month of business or back to square one. The ability to curate interesting content in a variety of formats that caters to your target audience is sometimes the only difference between a successful and failing company this day in age. It is absolutely necessary and when coupled with a well thought out digital marketing strategy you'll shortly be on your way to conversions like you've never seen as well as an increase in customer loyalty and advocacy.

Michael S
September 2016

Content Marketing means leveraging relevant, valuable content (in all of its forms, locations, and channels) to create new opportunities for audiences become aware of, consider working with, and eventually use or trial a business, brand or product. 

David F
September 2016 - last edited September 2016

We try and provide content that will support all areas of queries surrounding a topic. (i.e. definitions, uses, options and styles, and other including those ready to purchase.) By providing well thought out guides and recommendations surrounding a specific topic helps to support us as trusted experts in our niche.

May 2017 - last edited May 2017

In conetnt marketing I would think the best way to gain an audience or regular visitors would be : The need to post about unique aspects of our site such as Other than just the shopping aspects ie. games, streamed music, or streamed stories, any conetnt that is downloadable secure and free, a forum on site, and an open chat room to bring an atmosphere of comunity to the site.. Of course the goal is sales, but making the site " fun" could be an important tool to keep loyal repeat visitors, and get new visitors