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How to Create a GIF: Tips for Your Small Business

Animated GIFs are easier to create than you may think. This week, we're sharing tips and tricks to help you make GIFs for your small business content marketing.

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 Make sure your small business GIF tells a story. 

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Make a shot list to help you build the perfect animated GIF.

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 Propping your camera on a sturdy surface or tripod can help you take quality shots.

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Google Photos makes it quick and simple to create an animated GIF for your small business.

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suhail s
September 2016

its awwwwesome ❤

Subhan Allah S
September 2016

This is great if i can get some benifite by google. i would like to thank google

Daniel D
September 2016

Thanks for the tip . . . didn't know about google photos!

Brielle B Google Employee
October 2016

Google Photos is awesome, @Daniel D! Are you considering creating GIFs to market your small business? We've put together a printable "shot list," which is a checklist to help you determine how to best represent your business, products and services in your photography. You can find the link to download it here:


Once you've got taken some quality shots, you should definitely check out this infographic we created, which is chock full of tips and techniques to get the most out of editing your pics in Google Photos:

Ken J
October 2016

Pointless- This should be

 How to Create a GIF: Tips for Your Small Business


Tips but nothing practical.

Ken J
October 2016

What is this comment?


A shot list does not address the main process requirements of creating a GIF.

ritik g
January 2017
It's great if I can get more benifite by Google.I would like to Thanks.