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My business is not showing up on Google search when searched by keywords

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 My business

  East Cary Family Physicians is not coming on google search with the keywords. Although I see it for my other business West Cary Family Physicians. They both are at different location and have different Physicians.

 My East Cary Family physician address is 103 PArkway Office Ct Suite 104 Cary NC 27518. The website is www.eastcaryfamilyphysicians.com

Please help me what needs to be done. I have google ad running as well but organic search should come up. Right?




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My business is not showing up on Google search when searched by keywords

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Hi Anurag, 

Which keywords are you hoping to see your business ranking for? I did a search for East Cary Family Physicians and you popped right up. 

I noticed a few things though. First, your name is "East Cary Family Physicians : Doctor in Cary". According to Google's Guidelines:

"Including unnecessary information in your business name is not permitted, and could result in your listing being suspended. Refer to the specific examples below to determine what you can and can't include in your business name."

Scroll down to the "Name" subcategory, click 'learn more', you'll see you're including both your 'service or product' and your 'location information'. You should change your name to bring it line with guidelines. Get rid of 'Doctor in Cary'. 

That alone though isn't why you're not seeing your listing for any more general keywords. It looks like the business is very new, the site domain was registered about 3 months go, and it doesn't look like the site has acquired any good links from relevant sites in the community. Organic ranking for the website has very high correlation with ranking for your business in the 3-pack and in the local finder results. Seeing how poorly your site is ranking, I'm not surprised your business isn't showing in any of the local results either. 

Given how new your site and profile are, you should temper your expectations. Here's a recent study by ahrefs, showing that only about 1 in 20 results in the first 10 results of a given search are younger than a year old. That doesn't mean you need to wait a whole year before you start ranking, and it also doesn't mean that just waiting by itself will get you anywhere, but it does mean that even with a lot of work, it'd still be early in the game to see yourself ranking for a high competition phrase like 'doctor in cory'. 

Some people at least will still likely see your listing even for general keywords, especially people on a mobile phone doing a relevant search within a quarter mile of your business. These days results are extremely sensitive to a user's location, which can be good thing for newer locations like yours that are still establishing authority in Google's eyes. That sensitivity though can also make it very challenging to see if you're actually improving. You will be much more likely to see your business on a computer nearby than you will on the other side of the city, so keep that in mind when checking on how your east location is doing. 

My advice, if you want to work on expanding your practice with organic traffic, your first order of business is going to be working on the organic ranking for your website. Most businesses don't tend to show well in local results unless their website is near the top of the organic results as well. I did a search for 'Doctor in Cory' and gave up on page 10 while looking for your site. Let me know if any of that doesn't make sense. Good luck. 


My business is not showing up on Google search when searched by keywords

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Thanks James for the reply. I assumed that Google business will show your site based on the tags despite on being young. West Cary Family Physicians show with a simple search of "cary doctors".

I guess I will have to use some local marketing then.


Appreciate your help.



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