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Harassing editing of my Business page

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My business page is DUI Defense Attorney George A. Heym (in Pitsburgh, Pennsylvania)


Over the past couple months I am regularly getting emails that my business has been edited based upon user input. All of these edits are incorrect and are clearly an attempt to harass me in some way by a competitor.


1. The business name keeps getting edited to just George A Heym - I am indeed an Attorney and my business is DUI Defense. This is clearly an attempt to affect my search rankings


2. Things like my business hours keep getting changed. I am open for consultation 24/7 but the listing will be edited to open from 10 am to 2 pm. - this is also clearly an attempt to cost me business as people will not call me if they think that I am closed..



I then have to quickly go into my account and actually edit the listing to correctly reflect the truth and then wait while it was reviewed. If I happen to miss one of these emails my listing is then incorrect until I do notice and fix it.


How is it that a stranger can have my business listing edited?  How do I stop this harassing behavior.


I also want to know how I can get information on who is making these edits - as this behavior is against Attorney ethical rules and could result in this person losing their license to practice law. I could file suit against a "John Doe" and subpoena Google for those records but don't want to go that route - I just want this to stop





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Harassing editing of my Business page

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George you are not allowed to have your services and keywords in your business name. Your proper business name should be: The Law Offices of George Heym. If your competitors/ or other marketers are attempting to update your name, that is allowed. In order to ensure that your name doesn't keep getting update, go with either The Law Offices of George Heym or George A. Heym. As far as your hours, you do need to keep as your standard business hours and mark them as being open 24/7. 

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Harassing editing of my Business page

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Hey George,


The listing you're referring to is a practitioner listing.  These listings are not allowed to contain descriptors as per the guidelines.  You are allowed to list your degree or certification (ex: Dr, MD, JD, CFA etc).  




According to the Pennsylvania State Bar's website, the name of your firm is "The Law Offices of George A Heym" (http://www.padisciplinaryboard.org/look-up/pa-attorney-search.php).  If that's not correct, I'd suggest you get it updated there first before updating it on Google. 



Jason is correct, since you have an office your hours of operation should be the hours you are physically open at the office, not the hours you accept calls. 


Unfortunately there isn't a way to stop public edits on a listing but Google does hold edits for moderation if they aren't sure about the person editing or the quality of the edit.  My suggestion to keep your hours from changing would be to make sure they are clearly listed on your website. 

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Harassing editing of my Business page

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Thanks, I will do so

Harassing editing of my Business page

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I deleted my previous response to your comment because while I was venting my frustration I realized that it may look like I was attacking you for trying to help (I was not). Thanks

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