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Put your digital marketing skills to the test.
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Participate in #SmallBizGames Challenges!

The #SmallBizGames have begun! For the next two weeks, we’ll unveil a digital marketing challenge each day to help your small business get to world-class marketing status. 


We love to see your small business succeed, so when you complete one of the challenges, share your accomplishment with us! You can tweet to us at @GoogleSmallBiz or simply reply below.


If you need advice or help along the way, our Small Business Coaches are here to answer any questions.


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Put your skills to the test by completing all of our #SmallBizGames challenges:

  1. Starting Line Challenge
  2. Ready-Set-Go Challenge
  3. Warm-Up Challenge 
  4. Target Practice Challenge
  5. Crowd Pleaser Challenge
  6. Going Pro Challenge
  7. Stats Challenge
  8. Judge's Score Challenge
  9. Marketing Heavyweight Challenge
  10. Strong Finish Challenge


Maria T
August 2016

looking forward to this.

Anita C Google Small Business Advisor
August 2016

Excited to participate!

MikeJohnston Top Contributor
August 2016

Let the games begin!

BrandonSchaefer Google Small Business Advisor
August 2016

@DalilahA - looking forward to some great game interactions!

August 2016

I'm game. Please let me know how to proceed.

Debrena M
August 2016

@DalilahA looking forward to the rest of the game! Smiley Very Happy

Brielle B Google Employee
August 2016

@angelomaglanoc, we're glad you're interested in participating in the challenges! If you have any questions, just reply in the discussion thread of in the respective challenge. Our Small Business Coaches are ready to help out. We'd love to see your progress; feel free to share with us here or on Twitter @GoogleSmallBiz. 

Consolata U
August 2016

I am in defintely with both feet!!

Brielle B Google Employee
August 2016 - last edited August 2016

Glad to hear, @Consolata U! We'll look forward to seeing your progress! Feel free to share in the relevant discussion threads, or you can tweet to us at @GoogleSmallBiz. If you have any questions or are looking for advice, our Small Business Coaches are happy to help out.

oscar w
August 2016

waiting for chalenge