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Challenge 2: Ready-Set-Go

For the second event in the #SmallBizGames, use Google My Business to make sure your small business information is up to date on Google search and Maps.


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For more information on getting started with Google My Business, visit the Google My Business community.


Meet your coaches for Challenge 2 of the Small Biz Games. Coaches @Tanya V and @MartinSherv are here to help you get on the right track. Have a question? Ask away!


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Debrena M
August 2016

Challenge 2 Complete! @MartinSherv and Tany_Vaughan!

Sherna A
August 2016

I am trying to add my business to Google Business. When completed will post.

Sherna A
August 2016

@Tanya V and @MartinSherv, I set up my business on Google and I have opted to verify the only option I received was the postcard verification, however for one of my pages I already had a G+ page established and it seems when I selected share with customers using the G+ option I thought it would have just been shared on my personal G+ page or use the existing G+ page which I created for my business a while ago. How do I link my present G+ page with my business page? and is this possible?


My business page names are: O.A.B.I.: Organization for Abused and Battered Individuals and ASABS Business Solution Center.

James S
August 2016

Done, I have my business on Google in 2 locations, along with the iphone app to manage it.

Brielle B Google Employee
August 2016

Congratulations, @James S! It's awesome to hear that you've gotten your business on Google. Which challenge are you going to tackle next?


Feel free to share your progress with us on any other challenges, too. If you have any questions or need any help along the way, our Small Business Advisors are happy to help out.

James S
August 2016
I'm on to challenge 4.

James Skarzenski
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Cost To Cost
September 2016