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Challenge 10: Strong Finish

Win where it matters. Make sure your small business finishes strong with a message that inspires customers to take action. Go the extra mile and reach your business goals with AdWords.


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BrandonSchaefer Google Small Business Advisor
August 2016

Any questions that anyone has... please be sure to tag @BrandonSchaefer so that I can get them answered for you!

Cecil Whorton
September 2016

20160829_090621.jpgMultiple purpos rollerBurning bridges, reshaping my business, sharing my interests, and trying to earn while I learn. This new change is most welcome idea I have seen.

Cecil Whorton
September 2016

The wheel barrow is great for many purposes, easy to push, we use for a table, and to haul tools and tire swings, from shop to display. allow me to move stuff without lifting. We are bulding a new showcase for the "Phony Pony" (tm) horse tire swing.

Boys and girls love the Phony Pony and learn to ride while building memories to last a lifetime.

We ship to all USA.

You can avoid trouble by planning early for th fall season.

Mrsrydrecus B
February 2017






Cecil Whorton
February 2017

Hey thanks, we are so busy trying to survive and help those less fortunate.

We the willing,

being led by

the unknowing

have done so much

for the ungratefull

with so little

we can do almost anything with nothing............

 .........Google..... tireponyman (tm)  and live on ........

Vasthu D
May 2017

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Cecil Whorton
May 2017
This is a great day ahead and do thanks to GOD for it in your prayers.