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Have been all over the AdWords site and cannot see specific pricing...  Please tell us How much?... for How many words?...  for How long?   Very confusing to us.  We would love to get our high-end RE company first on the page but are afraid to dive in due to unknown costs... tried to call to speak to someone... no dice!

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Hi @Darlene T,


AdWords and AdWords Express are pay per click advertising systems. You create an account, run a campaign with ad groups, ads and targeting... and you set your daily budget to any amount you wish. You can start and stop campaigns all you want, when you want. Each click on your ad is what you are charged for, not for starting or stopping or for your ads to be seen. You pay per click... and there is no way anyone can tell you what they will be since it varies according to your specific ad campaigns, location, products, services, ads, website quality, etc.. What is certain is that you can set a daily budget of $2.00 or $200 and spent precisely what you want each month. You are always in control.


You should start out by reading all about the differences with AdWords and AdWords Express. In short, AdWords Express is a very watered down, simplified version of AdWords. AdWords is full feature.


If you decide to use AdWords, you would want to spend some time reviewing Google AdWords Best Practices. And reading How to be successful with Google AdWords.


If you decide to use AdWords Express, you would want to use the information here. Do not mix advice & information between the two, as they are very different systems and work differently.


If you find all of this too much for your time or desires, you can let Google AdWords Express set it up and operate it for you. Or you can hire a badged Google Partner agency to handle Google AdWords for you.  


With all of that said, please keep in mind that paid advertising does not affect organic listings in the search results. You can target and attempt to place your ad first, but no one can promise a first on the page result. You have to constantly outbid the highest bidder in the auction, which is what pay per click is all about. Even then, you could be the first ad for a few hours and then bumped down by another advertiser. And regardless of your bid, you would not be the first organic listing on Google. You have to do that through hard work with your website and being very credible, relevant and offer super content that is fresh and a website that provides an excellent user experience. This is where a professional web development company is hired (not an AdWords advertising agency).


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