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How to find google keyword tool

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I'm wanting to do keyword research before creating my ad, however my only option seems to be create an ad first. I don't see any drop down menus to find the keyword research tool. There is only one single small square box to start creating my ad.

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Re: How to find google keyword tool

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Good morning.


With AdWords Express, you don't need to worry about keywords. You select the right category for your business and the software itself selects keywords that trigger your ad for appropriate searches.


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Re: How to find google keyword tool

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Well then how do I switch to AdWords non-express? So in the Express
version, I enter a category and google picks search words that are relevant
to that category. But what if the category I entered is not the category
that people are really searching for? I'd be wasting my time and money.
In the home improvement world I'd like to try to figure out what people are
searching for, then target to that. For instance, maybe I should be doing
closet & cabinet organizers instead of drywall repair & painting. So, is
there a way for me to figure out what people are searching for? Thanks,

How to find google keyword tool

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Hi @David C,


As Theresa stated, AdWords Express handles all of the targeting for you and does not require the endless research and learning the complex system of AdWords. 


With that said, Keyword Planner does not work as it use to, so merely switching over to gain access is not advised. The tool is based off campaign performance, and the spend amount of those campaigns. This means that if you have a small budget in AdWords Express, migrate your account over to AdWords, rework all of your campaigns, ad groups, ads, keywords and more... the keyword planner tool still may provide the results you expect.


Now then, if you were ready to ramp up your budget and take your advertising to a whole new level, AdWords could be a great product for you. I would just caution that the two products are night and day. To equate it to your world... AdWords Express is installing a ceiling fan and AdWords is building the entire room for housing the ceiling fan. 


Did you know that you can create a different ad for each subject/product/service you want to target in AdWords Express? You sure can. So you can target cabinet organizers, drywall repair, countertops, tile installation and more from your one AdWords Express account.


Something that is somewhat new and not so known is Google Trends. This is a great research tool that allows you to dig into what people are searching for.  


If you are still wanting to switch to AdWords Express...


There are two ways to switch over. 


1) You can click the 3 vertical dots in the header at the right hand side and click "view in adwords".
You will be able to access your AdWords Express account in AdWords with the same log in info. You will have some work in front of you to rework your campaigns and put all of the many, many features of AdWords to work. Quality score is really important and it can only be at a good level by utilizing much of the features. 


2) Some accounts do not have the dots and cannot be manually migrated. In this case, you have to contact support and they will do it for you. You can call 866-246-6453, Monday - Friday from 9am to 8 pm EST. 


You may need to clear your browser cache, since the cookie (and history) and auto fill option will quite possibly take over and try to return you to AdWords Express. So, once you switch over, log out, clear your browser cache, delete browser shortcuts to Express... and use this link for AdWords:


All the Best,



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