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Your Mobile First Business

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Recently Google announced that their search engine would look at the web from a "mobile first" perspective. This means that since more and more people are using their mobile devices as the primary way that they access the web, that Google search algorithm will reflect that by favoring mobile optimized sites and pages in search results.


It is obvious that thus approach will be especially favorable to websites that are optimized according to Googles' mobile-friendly standards. Personally, I have started incorporating the goal of having 3 green scores in the Google Mobile Testing Tool whenever I build a new site for a client. Is this harder than designing a non-conforming website? Yes, and it is more expensive as a result but I do not want to make sub-standard websites and I think it is the right thing to do.


Have you taken the time to optimize your website for mobile? Many site owners have not so it is your chance to gain a competitive advantage over many competitors.



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Re: Your Mobile First Business

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@MikeJohnston great reminder! I see that Google has the 'site testing' button (popup) on the right side of my Google Apps screen when I open up my email - so I know they're definitely trying to get people onboard with mobile speed.