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Moving premises

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soon (November 2016) we will be closing out shop and moving to a new location

at the moment I come up top when you search - is it possible to move without losing my Google ranking - the website will remain at the same domain and the telephone number will not change? 


Pleae could you advise how I change my address without losing my ranking as I don't want to lose any potential new clients finding me!


Thanks for your help


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Re: Moving premises

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Hi @Michelle B,


When you say you are closing shop and moving to a new location, does this mean you are keeping the same business name or changing the name of the company? 


If you are simply changing the address and nothing else (name, products, services, etc.) should be fine. Further, if you are changing cities or states (making a major move), things could be a little more involved and other factors such as local, mature listings, could play into things a bit. However, a local move across town (and no other changes) is nothing to fear at all.   


Simply change/update the contact info on your website, meta tags, Google+ profile, Google Maps placement, local directories, social profiles, social sites and anywhere else you have a listing. I would start now making a list of all the places your company's contact info is connected to and gather up log in info for each. Then I would sit and do nothing until the week of your move (when you have access to your new location), then I would tackle the list and update them all as quickly and close together as possible. Ideally, you would do them all in one evening.


Also, if you have Google Adwords in play (and/or other advertising), be sure to update your locations there, too.  


Kind Regards,




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Re: Moving premises

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Just to add on the web J Clemons said there are many factors that come into play when you move your business. If for example you are a coffee shop in a small town and you move your location within the same town then nothing much should change as you have the same competition within the same small geographic area no matter which location you're it.

If however you're a small coffee shop on the lower East side of Manhattan and you move over to the Westside a great deal may change because the number of competitors is much greater so even a small move could change a lot .
If on the other hand you aren't an online retailer and you move your physical location this should not really affect your search position when the search does not include location

Re: Moving premises

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agree with Mike, lots of variables need to be considered in order to know how it will be effected.

Also would like to encourage you to google yourself and update any directories you are on so that your NAP- Name Address and Phone number are consistent across the board..