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5.3K members online now
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Know Your 'Why': Advice from an Indie Retailer

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Chelsea's Boutique founder Chelsea Tracy tells the Google Small Business Community about how she turned her love for fashion into a thriving e-commerce and brick-and-mortar small business.





Describe your business in three words:

Personable. Unique. Empowering.


What is one piece of advice you’d give to a company just starting out?

The best advice I can give is to know your “why?”. Why are you starting your company? Knowing your “why?” and really focusing your energy around it will make your business soar to heights you never thought were possible.

“Google Analytics has been invaluable in helping us to know what our customers are wanting online.”

—Chelsea Tracy, Founder

What’s been your biggest struggle?

Our biggest struggle to date is growing really quickly and dealing with all of the growing pains that came along with our growth. We are constantly changing and updating our processes and procedures, all while trying to manage employees, ordering, marketing and social media.


What technology could your business not live without?

First and foremost is Google Apps for Work. Without this low-cost suite of applications, we’d have our information scattered everywhere. Google Analytics has been invaluable in helping us to know what our customers are wanting online and where they are coming from. It also helps us to understand how to reach them.


What’s been your #1 marketing tool for getting new customers?

Our #1 marketing tool, as silly as it may seem, has been word of mouth. Women love talking about their new clothes with other women and really enjoy telling them about the experiences they’ve had. This translates into social media shares.


From your perspective, what are some pros and cons of having a physical store, and what are some pros and cons of selling online?

The pros of having a physical store are that women are able to come in and we are able to help them throughout the entire shopping process. The pro of having an online store is being able to reach women who we’d never be able to reach just with our brick-and-mortar store.


Originally published March, 2016

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