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Google My Business: Hints and Tips to Help You Race to the Front!

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Google Small Business Advisor
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Google Small Business Advisor

Google My Business
The way to gain more traction when people are searching for you using Google Search and Maps.

Building a business can be a marathon, but my adding Google My Business as part of your regime, you have even more of a fighting chance. To help you complete this #SmallBizGames challenge, I thought you would like some hints, tips and anecdotes to get you even better success.

Let’s begin…

The starting line
The first thing to do is to pop over to and see whether you already have your business listing created.

If you do, you will want to claim it (if not done already) - you will see a ‘Claim this business’ button.

If not, you can follow the process of setting one up by adding your address, and the category of business.

Quick story: I’ve advised thousands of small businesses owner over the years and I am still surprised when I find smart business owners who still haven’t claimed their listing. Recently, I was with one client who had almost 100 reviews, and still hadn’t claimed their listing. It just takes a ‘click’ to get moving, and to unlock the ability to really be in control of the information people want to see.

Action step: Claim your listing today, or get one set up.

Once you’ve done that you are over the line and ready to consider your...

The Race Times
25% businesses have seasonal opening hours, but only 1% change their listings.


With 52% of people looking for opening hours on Google, this is bound to mean some businesses will be giving out-of-date information.

Action step: Visit and check on your times of opening, making updates whenever there is a change.

Engage Your Spectators
Every picture you have displayed tells a story about who you are and what you do.

By making them the most impactful when people see your listing, you are much more likely to engage their minds.

Now you can add things like Team Photos, Food Photos, and Menu Photos when relevant.
Also think about adding in a virtual tour - like a 360 photo - as they really help people feel they know you and your business before they arrive.

Quick story: I’ve been adding pictures to literally hundreds of businesses around the world - with curry houses being one of my favourite places to eat. The 3 Mughals in South Wales have already scored over 30,000 views on a single picture!

Action step: Visit your page, check on your images, organize them into them into the best order to tell the story you want.

Also, remember you can ask guests who visit to add their own pics using Google Maps too. Great for good community vibes.

Speed Ahead with Great Reviews
When people search for businesses like yours, they will often compare the listings based on the number and quality of reviews that are displayed.

Quick story: One client and friend in San Francisco told me that a single good review of their cosmetic dentistry business could influence tens of thousands of dollars of new business. Reviews really matter.

Action step: Check your listing and go and engage with the people who are leaving you reviews - saying thank you for the positive ones, and helping to resolve any issues that people may have expressed too. Don’t worry if you haven’t received any reviews as yet, you can ask people to visit Google Maps and give their opinion there.

The finish line!
Now you are on the way to having a winning Google listing!

And if you want more resources, check out the videos from Google here:

Got any questions? Please ask myself and the other community members below!

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Re: Google My Business: Hints and Tips to Help You Race to the Front!

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Google Employee
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Google Employee

Great tips, @MartinSherv!


Once you've created a Google My Business listing, be sure to check out these great resources from the Google Small Business Community.


For great photo tips to help your business "Engage Your Spectators," check out these articles:

To help your business "Speed Ahead with Great Reviews," you can learn about how reviews can help your business and get advice on the best ways to respond by checking out our online review tips (and example reviews) in The Latest from Google Small Business.

Re: Google My Business: Hints and Tips to Help You Race to the Front!

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Visitor ✭ ✭ ✭

I have jumped in and have started work on my business page... HealthySkinnyMeals! Working on my pictures and Logo now.

Google My Business: Hints and Tips to Help You Race to the Front!

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Visitor ✭ ✭ ✭

We would like to email send all our customers a Google REVIEW link to our business. How do we do it most effectively and simply?


Google My Business: Hints and Tips to Help You Race to the Front!

Visitor ✭ ✭ ✭
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Visitor ✭ ✭ ✭

Thanks for the info Brielle! Just two questions.

1. How about clients who already have (created by mistake?) two business profiles? Should we delete the one with less followers & engagement?

2. One client of mine has 3 shops in different cities. He listed each one of these shops, as a different business! What is the best practice to handle a situation like this? 



Re: Google My Business: Hints and Tips to Help You Race to the Front!

Google Employee
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Google Employee

Glad you enjoyed the post, @Business M! To get the most detailed answers to your question, I definitely recommend checking out the Official Google My Business Community, found right here on the Advertiser Community! You can click the link in the left navigation to visit the community; they have many Google My Business experts who can help you out!


To answer your questions:

1. You should definitely make sure that your business is using only one Google My Business profile. Ideally, you would want to pick the one with the most followers, but you may also prefer a more fresh start (in case the older account has old, more irrelevant content, for example). You can learn how to delete extraneous Google My Business accounts by visiting the Help Center:

You can also reach out to the Google My Business team directly via Twitter by tweeting or DMing @GoogleMyBiz and they'll be able to help you get your pages straightened out!


2. Google My Business requires that each separate, individual location have it's own entry in Google My Business. Multiple locations can be managed by the same Google My Business account, but they should be separately verified at their respective addresses. This ensures that their business shows up properly on Google Maps, can be easily found in local searches and that each listing contains accurate information relevant to each separate location - for example, if one location has different business hours or (heavens forbid) worse service/reviews).


You can learn more about updating and managing information for individual locations in Google My Business in the Help Center:

Again, if any specialized help is needed, please don't hesitate to reach out to their team on Twitter or via the Official Google My Business Community. Thanks for coming by!


Google My Business: Hints and Tips to Help You Race to the Front!

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Visitor ✭ ✭ ✭

Thank you Brielle! That was really very helpful! I will follow your recommedations