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Five Things to Remember on Boss’ Day (and Every Day)

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Five Things to Remember on Boss’ Day

(and Every Day)


A great manager keeps their team motivated by instilling passion and leading by example. Here are 5 skills every great manager should develop in order to be an effective leader.


Communicate clearly

Your employees look to you for direction, information, and honest feedback. Great communication begins with listening, so ensure that you’re keeping an open channel of conversation between you and your employees. In meetings and idea-sharing conversation, don’t be the constant driving force - let others on your team take the lead. When giving constructive feedback to individuals, focus on the facts and how they can improve.


Cultivate relationships

Managing is a people job, so it’s important to get familiar with the individual behind the title. Take an interest in your team’s personalities, work habits, and passions outside of the workplace. Scheduling regular, one-to-one meetings is a great way to cultivate those individual relationships with your employees.


Know your own limits

“If you want it done right, do it yourself,” is a counter-productive attitude for a good manager. The reason you develop a team is because you want your company to succeed. Even if you’re a jack-of-all-trades, recognize your limits, and delegate appropriately to your team members. They’re there to help you and the company succeed.


Set clear goals

Giving your employees direction and purpose will contribute to the overall success of your company. Setting specific and measurable goals can also help you monitor the developmental progress of your employees, and figure out where they need to improve.


Recognize achievements

Rewarding a job well done can simply be calling out the great work an individual has completed in a team meeting. Your employees want to do a good job and they need the recognition from you to keep them motivated. If you’re not taking the time to recognize a job well done, your team’s morale and motivation could take a turn for the worse.


Originally published October, 2014

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