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Crawl frequency question

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Hello, how frequently Google Crawls/updates search results? 


We restored our website after hacker attack (which populated out website with spammy pages ( etc.). All these pages point to our 404 page now, but Google Search still shows hundreds of spammy results. 

I also used Search Console > Fetch As Google and requested Indexing for URL and linked pages - status shows as "completed", but Google Search still hasn't updated the results. And I'm not talking only about hundreds of pages that point to 404 - the meta descriptions of existing pages were also changed by hackers, and we have to explain to our clients that everything is under control now, despite the fact that our web page looks like a total Chinese disaster on Google.


Is there a faster way to restore normal appearance on Google?



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Crawl frequency question

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Hi Romans,


Have you used Search Console to submit a XML sitemap? This is the fastest way to feed Google Search Engine your webpages. 


The next step you can take is to use the removal tool.


Please keep in mind that Google Search employs thousands of servers and their can be a lag before they all are updated. 


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Crawl frequency question

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@Romans T I had to deal with a similar situation recently.


Using 'Fetch As Google' is probably the fastest way to go about having the pages re-indexed, though things do still take a little bit of time.


Do be sure to fully clear your cache or even use an incognito window to be certain that you are seeing the most up to date version of Google's SERPs.


In addition to @James_Clemens' comment about the removal tool, I'd also add to be 100% sure that any offending script has been removed from the site so that the hack pages and meta aren't being re-added as fast as you remove them.


Once you're sure of that, then run the Fetch Tool.


I hope this is of some help.