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Benefits of Sustainable Practices for Small Business

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Benefits of Sustainable Practices for Small Business


Running an eco-friendly business not only benefits your community, city, and beyond - but also your business. In order to run an effective sustainability program, remember to keep your initiatives simple, cost effective and consistent. It’s best to implement a few small programs to help embed sustainability goals in as many daily activities as possible. Small businesses may shy away from running sustainability programs due to cost and difficulties with scaling bigger programs that are run on corporate levels. However, big initiatives such as reducing waste, recycling, and buying locally sourced goods can be scaled to be effective at any business size.


From Print to Pixels

According to the EPA, paper makes up 27% of municipal waste, more than any other material Americans throw away. When it comes to being eco-friendly, recycling and reducing use paper use in your small businesses is the easiest step you can take.

  • Use double-sided printing and copying.
  • Distribute documents electronically using cloud storage like Google Drive.
  • Recycle as much of the paper products you use as possible.

Waste Not, Want Not

The most effective way to reduce waste is to generate less in the first place. Waste reduction measures help you cut costs on raw materials, office supplies, and equipment. Here are a few ways to reduce waste:

  • Where possible, donate instead of throwing things away.
  • Eliminate unneeded layers of packaging.
  • Conserve water by installing controls that turn faucets off automatically.

Be (Eco-) Friendly

Running a successful and sustainable business means being nice to your customers and to Mother Earth. Here are a few ways you can be eco-friendly:

  • Choose suppliers with sustainable practices.
  • Stock your store with eco-friendly cleaning products using a service.
  • Donate some of your profits to an environmental cause.

Originally posted April, 2015

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