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5 Unexpected Interruptions That Will Affect Your Store

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5 Unexpected Interruptions That Will Affect Your Store


Knowing what’s happening outside and around your neighborhood can have an impact on your business’ bottom line - for better or worse.


What’s the forecast?

Weather is a huge factor for brick & mortar businesses. A severe forecast in either direction could have an impact on the foot traffic into your store. If you know the upcoming weather, you can decide when to call in an extra pair of hands, or ask part of your staff not to come in.


Where’s the construction located?

Did you know that scaffolding can reduce the amount of walk-ins? Long-term construction projects are easier to plan for, but what about last minute interruptions, like banging and hammering noises right next to your business? On the flip side, if you know your competitors will face construction a few blocks away, you could use this to your advantage and increase your marketing efforts to drive those customers to your store.


How does the commute look?

Traffic jams. Road closures. Accidents. All of these can have a huge influence on your store, even if they’re not happening right in front of you. A road closure two streets away could increase foot traffic to your business if you’re on the detour route.


What’s on the event calendar?

Special events happen in communities all the time - from marathons to charity fundraisers. Become familiar with the neighborhood plans to plan ahead and be flexible with your schedule. Adapt to your surroundings, i.e. if a local event runs into the evening, keep your store open late to welcome those customers - or open your shop early on the morning of a marathon.


Why did you get that fine?

Did you know that leaving your door open with the A/C blasting could get you fined in New York City? Or that California is imposing water restrictions? What you don’t know can hurt your business.


Originally posted October, 2014


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