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wordstream - recommended?

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I'm considering using wordstream and wondered if anyone has any experience of using their PPC software?


Is it any good and worth the subscription?


The sales pitch sure sounds nice however I'm sceptical about the value it will add over existing free tools from Adwords & Bing Ads.


Also the cost of it works out around 5% of my monthly spend and I know for 10% I could hire a freelance PPC expert to run my account for me.


Are there any better alternatives to wordstream?


Any thoughts?

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Re: wordstream - recommended?

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Hi Adam C

Wordsteam will give you a hand with generalized campaign optimization. It offers many great tools like:
Keyword Search Tools
Campaign Builders
Ad Group Builder
Keyword Grouper
Keyword Niche Finder
Segement Management
Ad Group Splitting
Keyword Suggestion Tool
Negative Keyword Tool

And even a few more....


These may end up saving you time since yet are they worth the money? PPC management is very time consuming so if you want to run your campaign with tools that will cut out time this could work as a solution.

If you are looking work with an Expert then this is a great option as well especialy if your goal is to fast track great results. You could check out Google partners agaencies, these agencies are put through rigorous ongoing training and are required to hold a best practice quality level on existing campaign management.

Then if you are seriously looking to get your feet wet and doing it your self there are FREE online tools that would replace most of what you would use Wordstream tools for. Then Google also provides free campaign builds for all new customers + Optimization guidance for the first few months to help you understand. Either way Google provides unlimited support in this community for all your AdWords questions and So does a few other communities as well.