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wine bar

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please tell me the best keywords for a wine bar that serves wine, appetizer, pasta, pizza and cheese

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October 2015

Re: wine bar

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Hey Mario, how are things?


This will probably be a long post, so I would like to say sorry in advance Smiley Very Happy


Before diving into keywords, I feel that there's 5 very important topics that we should cover.


1. Keyword Match Types



The keyword match types are used to give advertisers more control on how their ads/keywords are triggered by the user. The Keywords Match Types are: Broad, Broad Modifier, Phrase, Exact and Negative


On the reference article you can check how exactly each one of them work, and somethings that are worth saying are:


Broad Match Type

Avoid large numbers of Broad keywords. Broad keywords are the worst enemy for advertisers that are trying to reduce/control their budget. Let's say you have the keyword "car" in broad match in your list. Since this is in broad match, that word can be triggered but just almost any user search that contains that word. So your ad would appear for things like:


  • rent a car
  • car accidents
  • car on fire
  • how to sell my car

Also, if you have keywords with 2 or more terms in it, each term will be treated as individual keywords. So using your business as example, if you advertise for the keyword "wine bar that serves pizza" on broad match type, you basically have 5 keywords as if they were separate: wine, bar, that, serves and pizza. So any query containing of of those words would trigger your ad:


  • what's the best red wine
  • best bar to hang at night
  • order pizza online

Things worth saying:


  • Broad Match types doesn't take into account the order in which the terms are: "red wine" is the same as "wine red"
  • That's why it's important to combine Broad Match keywords with a good work with Negative Keywords (which I'll talk in a minute)

Other Match Types (Broad Modifier, Phrase and Exact)

Use and abuse of this other match types. You can have the same keyword with multiple match types (not 1 keyword with several matchtypes, but the keyword repeatedly on your group, each one with a different match type). Match Types usually have different behaviors and prices, so it's a good thing to have specially to know what you can compare to.


Hint: do not, I repeat, DO NOT, EVER, have a duplicated keyword with the same match type for the same campaign targeting the same region (you can have the same keyword in different campaigns, as long as they target different geographic location).


Hint²: Phrase and Exact match types DO consider the order in which the terms are. So "red wine" and "wine red" using Phrase and Exact are different keywords


2. Negative Keywords



Negative keywords are so if not even more important than your "positive" ones. As you select keywords that you'd LIKE TO SHOW your ads to, negative keywords are used as a filter to keywords that you WOULDN'T LIKE to show your ads.


Taking our previous car example, if you have the word "car" in your campaign, you wouldn't like to show your ads for a query such as "car accidents", right!? In that case, you could add "accident" as a negative keyword, and every user search query containing that word, will not trigger your ad.


Don't ever run a campaign without a few negative keywords, specially in your segment. I can think of so many things that can trigger your "wine bar" keywords if you don't have proper negative:


  • what's the best wine
  • appetizers for parties
  • how to make pasta
  • how to make a pizza
  • bread with cheese
  • ......
  • .....
  • ....
  • ..
  • .

3. Search Terms Report



The Search Term report it's one my favorite reports. It can show you keywords searched for the users that triggered your ads generating at leats one click for you. Those keywords are keywords that you have and don't have in your campaigns, so it's a great place to discover new keywords to add to your list, as also keywords that you would like to include as negative ones.


4. Ads Extensions



One thing that you should definitely use in your ads are the Ad Extensions. As the name states, they're little features that and "Extend" you ads, giving you better chance to receive cliks.


I will not deep dive into them, since you can check everyone on the article, but I'd like to recommend 3 of them to you:


  1. Sitelinks extensions (additional links that appear with your ads)
  2. Call Extensions (show your phone with your ads)
  3. Location Extension (show your address with your ads)

5. Geographic segmentation



As the name says, it's the possibility to select specific regions to show your ads. As a wine bar, makes sense to select only the are that you're in.


Keywords Brainstorm


Now that we've covered what I think is some of the most important things, we can talk about your keywords.


You have to think in keywords as if the user is trying to talk to you. A user searching for "wine bar that serves PIZZA" is not the same as a user searching for "wine bar that serves PASTA". Although you serve both as the establishment, each user is looking for something unique, right!?


So you should use this thinking to create a good account structure with tight and small groups, each one talking about one theme/subject and each group containing at leat TWO ADS regarding that subject. Example:


Campaign: MARIO's Wine Bar


Group 1: Wine bar

Keywords: wine bar, wine bar at XXX, best wine bar of XXX, etc..

Ads of group 1: At least 2 ads containing the keyword "wine bar" (which is the main context of this group)

*Where XXX is your geographic location


Group 2: Wine bar with PIZZA

Keywords: wine bar with pizza, wine bar that serves pizza, wine bar with pizza at XXX, etc

Ads of group 2: At least 2 ads containing the keyword "wine bar with pizza" (which is the main context of this group)


Group 3: Wine bar with Appetizers

Keywords: wine bar with appetizers, wine bar that serves appetizers, wine bar with appetizers at XXX, etc

Ads of group 3: At least 2 ads containing the keyword "wine bar with appetizers" (which is the main context of this group)


Notice: The idea of the ads is to have connection between keywords > Ads > landing page, so you usually insert the main keyword of that group in your ads, so that the user can see the word he looked for in your ad (do not mistake it by inputting the name of the ad group on it, this was just a coincidence)


Sorry again for the long post.


Hope this helps.



Leandro Martinez




Leandro Martinez | Basta1Click

Re: wine bar

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thanks a lot