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why my daily budget is exceeding the limit?

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Hi Friends,


I am running an campaign with daily budget of $180/day. But my daily budget has been exceeding the limit which i have given? How is this happening? Please find the below snapshot,



daily budget



Thanks Again,


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September 2015

Re: why my daily budget is exceeding the limit?

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It is due to overdelivery.

In over delivery your total daily cost could be up to 20% more than your average daily budget but don't worry you're never charged more than your monthly charging limit -- the average number of days in a month (30.4) multiplied by your average daily budget.

To know more watch @

Hope this helps.

Re: why my daily budget is exceeding the limit?

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I have faced today a simillar situation however the overdelivery goes well beyond the 20%.


I have a tiny budget of 5 dollars a day and in near to 1 hour it went on 50$ ..and would keep going.


can you tell me why that is? And how I can prevent it?

from 5$ to 50$ its not 20% by any chance, so I am guessing this falls into some different situation?


Best regards

Joao Garin