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why my ad is not showing - Budget Problem

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I have few keywords and still there is 20 USD is remaining in daily budget. My CPC is 2 USD. and daily budget is 40 USD. Even i changed setting to accelerated but still i have same message (occasionally shown add for my budget). please help me?

i can not see proper impression? i think my ad is invisible. anytime i am checking say occasionally shown add for my budget. But I have not seen even one time to see that my ad has been shown.

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Re: why my ad is not showing - Budget Problem

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There are few options
1. Try Keyword Planner to see if your keyword has enough reach
2. Try including more specific keywords combinations
3. Check your bid amount and see if it is too low for the keyword. Increase it.
4. Try with more match types. "exact", "phrase" and "broad match modifiers". If you still do not get, try with Broad.
5. As you try these options, Go to "Tools and Analysis" -> Ad Preview and Diagnosis Tool to see if your keywords are triggering your ads without any issues.


Re: why my ad is not showing - Budget Problem

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Hi Germany A, to follow Balu's reply, can you give us some examples of your Keywords and their match type?


What might be happening here is that you have a very popular Keyword that could receive a very large number of clicks.  With a CPC of $2 and a daily budget of $40 - and only $20 remaining in your Account, Google may be having to seriously restrict how often your Ad is shown to prevent overspending.  It may be that in this case the margins are just too tight and the Ads are showing hardly ever.


The first thing to check is the Keywords themselves, make sure they're not too broad so any examples you can give, along with their match type, will help us analyse that for you.



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