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where do I go wrong or right?

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Domain : ( 2 years old domain with 34 keyword first page position on google ).


Google Organic ranking of the domain for the keyword ( computer repair derby ) : first page,  position 3 sometimes 1-2


Page title: computer repair derby


Keyword used in body text: yes, 3 times


Bold text keyword used on landing page : yes, 1 time


Keyword used description and mata tag: yes


Keyword used in H1 tag: yes


Same keywords / phrases used adword landing page: yes


Number of the keywords in same adgroup:ad computer repair derby and computer repairs derby.


Monthly search volume of the keyword: 300 to 450


QS: computer repairs derby 2 computer repair derby 3 Smiley Indifferent


Now this is just 1 example of many keywords heavily relevant and poor quality score. There must be logical explanation about this or there is no point to try understand what did I do wrong to end up such low Q'S and I will start thinking there is no logical algorithm, it's down to your luck only! Smiley Sad


Example 2;


Domain: 2 months old domain and highly competitive city with many advertisers.


Any computer, PC, Laptop, MAC repair related keyword I use with even poor ad relevancy I get QS 7 %90 the keywords and very few 6 and even fewer 5


I hardly focus on this campaign and it's doing so well from the start up why? on this campaign I have more competitors with better ad relevancy and older running campaign already below me and I think it is not fair for me  not knowing the reason why better created and a lot less competitive campaign given poor QS  and the one I don't even focus for better Q'S campaign with similar CTR given more Q'S by google?

  Can somebody really explain this?



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Re: where do I go wrong or right?

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Organic ranking does not have a positive or negative impact on your AdWords account. Have you checked why your quality scores are so low? Try hovering over the bubble next to the keyword and it will highlight the criterion that your keyword does not meet satisfactorily.

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Re: where do I go wrong or right?

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Hello Dominexsus,


There is no relationship between your natural search engine rankings and Quality Score assigned by Adwords inside your account as righty mentioned above. Both are different and perhaps work with different algorithms.


Quality Score depends upon many vital factors including account historical CTR, keyword past CTR and much more. It is likely that when you start including keywords in the new account, Adwords assign this metric based on historical data how other advertisers have used them in the past etc..

After that it really depends upon you  how well you keep the momentum going by keeping a high CTR and other important factors used in calculating this magical metric. I would certainly advise you to read through this for better understanding.


Happy Reading!


Re: where do I go wrong or right?

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Thanks for the reply but I am very well aware of the ranking has no effects but I wanted to make a point that landing page is not the one to blame. yes I do hower a round but most with qs 4-5 show average

Re: where do I go wrong or right?

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Thanks for the reply but I am very well aware of the ranking has no effects but I wanted to make a point that landing page is not the one to blame. part from account historical CTR ( there is nothing I can do about it ) ad relevancy, keyword insertation in ads, having keyword on landing page with various technics H1, title, body text ETC. tried all match types and result always same. my other campaign on the other hand, has no account historical CTR too but most keywords ranking 6-7 from the moment of insertation.

Re: where do I go wrong or right?

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Actually there are many factors that effects quality score. Along with relevancy between keyword, landing page, adcopies - relevancy between search query and keywords also impact qs. Competitor qs also impact keywords qs tat we are using. Exact match impression share also considered while alloting qs for keywords. Negative keywords and positive keywords relevancy also impact quality score. Qs metrics is not as simple as we think. When we add new keywords usually we get a good quality score but over the period of time we see increasr or decrase in qs on the basis of many criterias.

As soon as we are getting good amount of conversions and controlled cpa and cpc i would prefer to improve ctr of my campaign instead of qs. Ctr is the most important factor to achieve good quality score.

I recommed you to use advace search bar on the top and type quality score. You wilsee many threads on this topic. Quality score had always ebeen a hot topic here and will always be.

Sorry for typos - on phone

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