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what keywords are using my competitors?

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I'm bidding the keywords that I think are the best ones, but I'd like to know what keywords are profitable for my competitors. How can I get for free this information? What is the best free tool in 2016? if it doesn't exist a complete & good free tool, do you advice me to spend something, considering I have 10£ daily budget?




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December 2016

what keywords are using my competitors?

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Recommendation of 3rd party tools is discouraged in this venue, because it would quickly lead to abuse. However, for what you want to do there is a simple method that will work. 


Enter the search terms you are using into, and make a note of the competing websites that are advertising on those keywords. Then, go to each of those sites and make a careful study of the product pages, and perhaps the blogs. You will quickly figure out what keywords they are using, that you may not be using yet. Then do the same thing using the second most popular search engine.


I would focus on the paid ads, vs the organic ones.  The paid search ads are by definition, triggered by keywords that are worth paying for - in other words, the profitable keywords.  Sometimes that is true for organic search results; but not as frequently.  So i recommend focusing on the ppc ads.


If you want to get fancy, Google "ppc keyword research tool". There are some paid tools which offer free trials.  But the end result might be just as good, using the simple method above. 


In most markets, with a modest daily budget like you cited, the number of keywords you can profitably advertise on will be limited.  So it will not necessarily help to expand your keyword base, unless you've missed a very important keyword. 



what keywords are using my competitors?

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Hi there,


I use the paid 3rd party tools regularly, and 9 times out of 10 they don't provide any keywords that I can't easily work our for myself in Keyword Planner. Most of time I see terrible keyword choices.


I recommend using the Keyword Planner. For such a low budget it will be usually be more than sufficient. 


what keywords are using my competitors?

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The auction insights report might be something to look into. Although, I wouldn't worry about what keywords your competitors are using for targeting so much as I would worry about what search terms actually make you money. Smiley Happy Odds are they don't have a clue whether they are actually generating a profit from their advertising or not. Don't make the same mistake! 


Don't think - Know! 


If you can track profits from your advertising, you are way ahead of your competitors. Keep doing what makes you money, reinvest a portion of your advertising profits in more advertising, and run them out of business. Smiley Happy If they are trying to compete with you for the terms that make you money, then keep referring to the auction insights report and see where you stand in terms of total impression share, and overall outranking share.


Don't compete - Win!