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what happened to my results?

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I don't know what's happened or what'ss changed with AdWords; all I know is that I started running a campaign for a photography business about three years ago. I regularly received inquires and business from the ads. ... I then took a hiatus from the campaign after about 18 months, for various reasons. When I came back about six months ago, the SAME campaign with the same keywords and pretty much the same everything has been totally ineffective. Not a single business inquiry. Any other experiences like this? Is there something I should know?


Thanks for any feedback or advice. 

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Re: what happened to my results?

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The advertising environment is not static, it's dynamic. It changes tens of thousands of times every day.


I can't think of any other way to say this--you can't resume a campaign that's been inactive for months (or years) and think that you're going to see the same performance you saw before. While you weren't looking, your competitors got more sophisticated, their websites got more visitor-friendly, and they started using new features and tactics that weren't available when you last advertised.


I recommend doing a little market/competitor research, an in-depth review of your website (especially with reference to how it displays on mobile sites), and making any changes that seem needed, along with the performance of previous campaigns. Then either edit those campaigns or pause them and build new ones with the keywords, ads, and features you need to be competitive--making sure you drive your traffic to web pages that give you the best chance of converting your visitors to customers.


If you have specific questions as you move through the process, please post again!



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