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website doesn't usually come up ORGANICALLY

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HI, My gfriend & I made a website Jan 2013 for a male stone mason friend.


HIS friend, decided to help him with google addwords. The stone mason Trevor Shortland, pays every week money to google add words, & his other male friend, helps do the words & checks sites progress.


For a long time, every now & then we hear it is not coming up organically & more must be done to the site. Initially, my friend made him a website for free, which had tons of text on every page to help google find it,  & small pics.  He didn't like it. So we made a new one, with tons of images & only words for contact & about us, with hidden key words on the pages that are in code but not seen on site.


It seems to be much harder for the website to appear when typing in stone mason, or retaining walls, (which are in the hidden code)


The owner of site, stone mason keeps complaining that he doesn't get any hits or work.  The 'helpful friend' who 'runs' the addwords, wont talk to we who made the site, but has sent a message saying "Google changed their logarithms".


Do you know what he is talking about? I can't get any help from Google as I don't know the name of the add words account or password, but my friend with the site, Trevor Shortland expects us to 'FIX IT'.


Please can someone help, as I have tons of work to do for my studies & don't have time for alll this calling to google for help & getting no where as I dont' have the password.


thank you very much.

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Re: website doesn't usually come up ORGANICALLY

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Hi B T,

Welcome to the community!

Let me preface by saying, we are AdWords specialists here, so there isn't much we can help you with regarding organic traffic. You should check out the Google Webmaster forum for SEO discussions. You can find it here:!forum/webmasters

That said, I can tell you that you need to have some content on the site. It isn't enough just to have "contact us" and "about us" sections. You need to have quality content that is helpful to your visitors. Also, if you hide keywords in the background of your site, that is called cloaking and will cause your site to be penalized. If you added keywords to the keyword meta tag, it's often ignored. Just wanted to clarify that since you mentioned hidden keywords.

You should check out webmaster tools for more information about your site's Organic performance including crawl issues, penalties and overall performance. You can set up an account here:

Last but not least you can find a lost of algorithm changes here:

Hope this helps - good luck!

Re: website doesn't usually come up ORGANICALLY

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After re-reading your post I also wanted to clarify that AdWords has no impact on your organic performance ranking as PPC and SEO are considered entirely different channels.

Re: website doesn't usually come up ORGANICALLY

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Hello BT,

Welcome to the Community.

You already have a very detailed explanation from @Amy here. You should go by her suggestions.

Moreover, as you confess and I can see, you are using hidden keywords on the page, it is going to hurt your website's performance in search results.

There are many other things that you should do. You can also refer to  this guide to optimize your website better.

Yes, that's all for organic optimization. As it is AdWords Community we won't be able to discuss organic promotion methods more here.

One tip for your AdWords campaign. You can ask the person managing AdWords to include Brand Keywords into the campaigns. this way if someone searches Google with the Brand Name, at least the ad may appear, making up for the gap that organic ranks are creating at the moment.

Hope it helps.


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