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web-site uses adwords but doesnt show up on google search, why?

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my website is but when I do a search it doesn't even show up. I created an adwords account using all the keywords that should but still no luck. How can I make my site show up in the google search, please? Other websites which have similar contents to mine are showing up on the first page but mine isn't showing up at all. Please any advice will be appreciated.



Re: web-site uses adwords but doesnt show up on google search, why?

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Hi fp,


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In SERP the Ad position is based on the keywords Max CPC and the Quality Score.Please make sure that your keywords has good quality score and you are bidding competitively in order to place your ads on Google first page result.See More


Instead of searching on Google mannually i will encourage you to use Ad Preview & Diagnosis Tool to check the status of your ads for a particuler keywords.



Hope it helps