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-ve keywords for display campaign

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can we use matche type in -ve keywords for display campaign

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Re: -ve keywords for display campaign

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Yes you can add negative keywords in your Display Network Campaign.Follow this steps -

1> Select the campaign
2>Go to "Display Network" Tab and Select "Display Keyword"
3>At the bottom of the page you will find the "exclusion" option.Click on it to add your negative keywords.

You can add negative keywords at Campaign Level and Ad-group Level.

Re: -ve keywords for display campaign

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Hello Deepika 1,
You are able to addd negative keyword lists for the display campaigns as well.

Under exclusions go to View:keyword lists, click add exclusions and then select your list from there.

You can also add it from the shared library using "apply to campaigns" and select your display campaign. It should be in there too.
When you will add list of negative keywords in Shared Library, You can change your match type also.

Hope it helps you.

Re: -ve keywords for display campaign

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Hi Suman,

my question is that can we use match types of -ve keywords in display campaign. is it useful
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Re: -ve keywords for display campaign

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Hi Deepika,

Firstly, Match types does not have any relevance in display campaign. It works only on broad. Secondly, negative works differently for display network, it won't work as it for search campaign. I personally do not prefer adding negative keywords in display campaigns. I highly recommend you read thread mentioned below:

Hope that clears all your doubt. Let us know if you have more questions! Do read thread.

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