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variants of negative keyword

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If I include the keyword "licence" as a negative keyword, will Adwords automatically treat "licenced" as a negative keyword too?



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September 2015

Re: variants of negative keyword

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jack S,


Each negative keyword needs to be entered holistically.

If you add the negative keyword "license" then your ads can and will show for Licences, licenced and even other misspelling.

Your ads still might show on searches and pages that contain variations of the terms that you select as negative keywords.

Your ads might still show on searches that contain only one of your negative keyword terms if your keyword terms are more than one word. Let's say you add the negative keyword "wine bottle." Your ad might still show for searches and pages that contain "stemless wine glasses," "red wine," or "glass bottle." However, you ad wouldn't show for searches on "red wine bottle," "wine bottle opener,".  


( Edited out:  "Bottle opener for wine" example)

Re: variants of negative keyword

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Hey Eric,
Just a clarification here.. in your example.. for the last word.. "bottle opener for wine" would your ad not show?
According to me... it would... the negative keyword you added was "wine bottle" in phrase...

@Jack - Here is an amazing article on match types with a lot of examples.. This should help you get a better understanding of matchtypes for both, positive and negative keywords:

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Re: variants of negative keyword

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This full example with wine bottle was taken from the actual help desk pages. second paragraph under KEEP IN MIND

and Yes I agree with you if the Negative Phrase was "Wine Bottle" and the query was Bottle Opener for Wine the the Bottle Opener for Wine query would show the add because the Phrase is not pulling out the negative.

Good Catch!! Let's see if we can get that edit fixed!! or clarified