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undo in adwords editor?

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deleted a campaign in editor. need to get it back. how?


cant find (control-z) undo function like i am used to from any other program on the planet.


hoping for good news.


any (easy) way out of this?

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September 2015

Re: undo in adwords editor?

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Hello floshkit, 


You should read this discussion.

I have also a same problem. 


Re: undo in adwords editor?

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If you did not post the changes after deleting the campaign you can can get the campaign back by pressing ctrl + z, if it does not work then download the account once again in aditor, because that campaign is there in the interface because you did not post the changes. During this practice please export a csv of the current account in the editor, because if you are removing the account and downooading again then the changes made in editor will be removed, thus better to keep the current cvs.


If you posted the changes then go to interface once again and enable that campaign from the deleted status.Re-download the account in editor or click on get recent changes, you will get that campaign back.


Hope this will hep