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travel company promotion

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Hi ,


please let me know what best we can do to run successfully tour and travel business.




Re: travel company promotion

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Hi Arvind,

Welcome to the community! Your question is fairly broad - there are a lot of ways you can promote a travel company, so I'll share some top level suggestions and then if you have more specific questions we can go from there!

Search Campaigns- you can show ads by bidding on terms that searchers use when looking for sites on Google. You'll determine what you are willing to pay per click for each keyword and you'll only pay when someone clicks your ad. You can also opt into Google's Search Partners, which could get your ad placed in popular travel sites that participate.

Display Campaigns - you can show your ad on relevant sites that participate in Google's ad network based upon relevant keywords, site topics or consumer interests. You can use image/engagement ads, video ads, or text ads.

Remarketing - you can show ads to people who have already visited your site to keep them engaged throughout the buying cycle.

YouTube - you can run add on YouTube to engage people who are watching content that us relevant to travel.

Extensions - you can also append extra text, phone numbers, reviews, ratings, mobile apps and more to your ads just depending on the tactics and settings you choose.

You can target your campaign to only the geographies that you do business in to ensure you are showing your ad to the right people.

If you can tell us a bit more about your offering and who you are targeting, we may be able to offer more specific suggestions.