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to be the first in the list

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how can i find how much person is interested to be the first in the list as dermatology? the country is Georgia

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Re: to be the first in the list

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Hey Mariam

I am not entirely sure I understand the question.

However, if you are wanting to research search volumes, you may do this via the KW tool planner and select the country you are interested in targeting.

Please see the following information from the help centre how to use the KW tool:

Hope this is helpful and what you were looking for

James Edward

Re: to be the first in the list

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Hi Mariam,


Welcome to AdWords Community!


Could you elaborate your question please? If you'd like to know how many advertisers would be interested to feature on the top position of Google Search for the term 'dermatology', the answer is 'each one of them'. However, their actual positions depend on Ad Ranking which is calculated every time a relevant search happens.






Sumanth Sridhar

Re: to be the first in the list

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Hi Mariam n,

You can also approach this problem by asking how much you are willing to spend per click. It may be possible that the max bid of your competitor is cost prohibitive for you. However, you can still achieve the first spot, and possibly spend less than your competition:

Here is some more information on how to get an estimate on how to get to the top of a search results page (not necessarily the first position):

Here are some strategies to pursue to help get your ad ranked first:

1. Find similar keywords with similar average monthly searches, but are less competitive and build an ad group around them.

2. Test the ad copy, and see if you can improve the CTR by having a stronger call-to-action, for example.

3. If you haven't already, segment the customers for dermatology by what how they will use a particular product or service provided. Your keyword list, landing page and text ads should match that.(for example, if you are providing a certain type of topical treatment for a specific rash, your keywords can include the name of product and the rash name)

4. Also, segment your customers by how likely they will make a purchase. They could want something that day and want to know how to get the product or service. They could also be shopping for prices, for example. Your keyword list, landing page, etc. should match it (for example, you can have a segment who are looking for the cheapest topical treatment, your keyword list would include something like cheapest, best value, price per milliliter and your keyword)

Hopefully that will help you get that top spot, with a high quality score, a good conversion rate and relatively low cost per conversion.

Re: to be the first in the list

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Hello Mariam,

I believe you wish to know the number of advertisers who aim to show their ads at the first rank of ads for the keyword "dermatology". If my guess is right here, it is difficult to know the exact number. But thanks to Auction Insights Tools, you can know how you are performing in comparison with your competitors.

You can use Auction Insights Tool to see who are your close competitors, and how many of them are going ahead of you in the auction.

To use ad Auction Insights, please refer to this explanation here -


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