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tech support conversion tracking

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Hi guys,

                       I hope you guys doing well

Here i have an issue with conversion tracking.Now i would like to track conversions for tech support campaigns based on keyword.But in my process intially person give a call to me based on their search querey then we rectify the problem and make them go to payment gateway after that Thank you page displayed to those obviously  i placed my conversion tracking code in thank you page.But the issue is that how can i get the keyword of that converted person because i manually take them to payment gateway and then automatically thank you page displayed after payment is done.Here iam able to count the conversions but iam unable to get the search querey of that conversion.

Re: tech support conversion tracking

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Hi kalyan

1) As per my knowledge ,it is not possbile to track convesion in your case.If you give a proper nevigation on your website,so that a user can fill his/her query or problem then you can track it.

2) If your account is uk or usa base then you can use google forwarding number to track conversion and get the idea which keywords converts a sales for you (but not too accurate).


Better to give different call cnetre number for different product problem to get better idea that which product support is doing well for you.

Re: tech support conversion tracking

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Hi Kalyan,

Tell me if this is correct:

  • Your conversion tracking is working and you can see which of your keywords were responsible for conversions on your site, but you want to know the user's exact search query that triggered your ad.

If that's correct, try running a Search Terms Report in AdWords.  This will let you see what your visitors searched for instead of the keyword that their query matched.


To Run the Report:

  • Navigate to the "Keywords" tab in AdWords.
  • Find a keyword that has been associated with a conversion
  • Select the checkbox in the first column, to the left of the keyword.
  • Click on the "Details" menu above the statistics table
  • Select "Search Terms > All" to see the user's search query that lead to the conversion.

Please, let me know if this answers your question.




Re: tech support conversion tracking

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Hi kalyan

I have more than 3 yrs exp. with technical support process.

As per my experience. We always count conversion through number of inbound calls in given budget. For find accurate conversion details you need to create seprate campaign for each brand and use seprate number for call extension or use call forwarding number in each brand or each campaign. After that count total numbers of call and Divide it according to brand or campaign. Afther that you can find out call to cost.


= Total Budget/Total Call = Call To cost

Call to Cost (Cost per call)


Another way to track conversion details. you can implement this process.

If you give a proper nevigation on your website,so that a user can fill his/her query or problem then you can track it.

Re: tech support conversion tracking

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As Per My knowledge if you different call numbers with different campaigns and in the end can be able to track how many conversions you are using from a particular number

Then from the call extension you would be able to see the number you have gotten maximum call then go to that campaign and see the search query of that particular campaign and able to find out which keywords tigerring your calls

Let me know if you have more questions