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sudden drop in ad group perfomance-converted clicks

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Re: sudden drop in ad group perfomance-converted clicks

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Hey Kevin,


Thanks for dropping your query here. For helping you better, I am diving the question into two parts,


Part1 :  Here is the issue, since the change my bounce rate had increased, cost/converted click has increased but more alarming is the decrease in converted clicks-Mostly in desktop/tablet.. Thoughts?


You have taken a step, to increase the relevancy of ads. Which is Superawesome Smiley Very Happy The increase in bounce rate and decrease in converted clicks, can be because of 


  1. Increased competitors (might be because of season , or just trying get more market share) - Use Auction Insights report to check how you are performing among your competitors.
  2. If the Ad Copy and Landing Page is not addressing the customer's pain point, the bounce rate can increase - To roll it back, take a best performing ad from the previous campaigns and make it available on relevant ad groups.
  3. To increase the conversion rate, use exit popup technique with irresistible offer. It can help you to decrease the bounce rate as well.


Part2 : More on the ad groups, each only have exact and phrase KW with negatives in place from other ad groups within the campaign to prevent overlapping coverage. Broad modified KW in  their own AG again with negs in place to prevent other KW from appearing.

Previous settings were : Delivery method- standard, now they have been changed to accelerated. Ad rotation was optimize for clicks and now they are set for rotate indefinitely to a/d test ad's


Keyword grouping looks good. However, analyze which type of keyword match type is performing better among Phrase and Broad. Currently Ad Delivery is set to be accelerated, which means your budget is likely to be depleted as fast as possible. 


By this you are loosing the valuable prospects at the end of the day. Look at Google Analytics for Time of Day report, and if you are getting more conversions at the end of the day, kindly change Ad Delivery to Standard method.


Looking forward to help you,

Shafi Ahamed

Re: sudden drop in ad group perfomance-converted clicks

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Thank you for the quick reply. My daily budget is never realized, so I can rule out the accelerated delivery schedule being the culprit. Clicks and Impressions are both up since the change but converted clicks are down.
Some are pointing a finger at the ad rotation change. My questions for that is I have seen an increase in both impressions and clicks so how could changing the ad rotation from optimize for clicks to rotate evenly have a negative impact on converted clicks only?

Re: sudden drop in ad group perfomance-converted clicks

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Rising Star
Hi Kevin,

Let me help you with the latest query here.

When you were serving ads basis the 'Optimize for Clicks' rotation setting, it would allow your campaign to learn overtime and decide on an ad copy that has the highest possibility to earn you a click, there by helping you record more click numbers.

Now that you have changed this setting to Rotate Evenly, the campaign is in the learning phase again and as per the setting is serving all the ads that you have in your ad groups evenly in a day. This way, your best performing ad messaging is no longer being served for your to record clicks or conversions.

This could ideally mean that before since your best ad messaging was being served most of the time, the messaging used in it resonated better with your TG. It could also be that the relevance between your earlier messaging and the LP is much better but now that other messaging are also being show, although people are clicking on it, they may not be finding the relevance between the LP and the messaging thereby leading to bounce off.

I would recommend you do an Ad Copy analysis for your campaigns, understand the best messaging that worked for you all this time and try and create variants of the same to be used in your campaigns while pausing the other lower performing ad copies/messaging.

Hope this Helps!


Shashank Singh, AdWords Rising Star |
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