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statistics by industry

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Hey all,

I have a client in Moving industy with very big budget, we are working on his account only 6 months and everything went well BUT during the last month we are experiencing something very weird. ALL the positions are falling and the Ave.CPC growing. and its happend in all our campings for this client (same industry - moving)

never happend before with any of my clients I cant understand what is going on.


Is there a place where I can check CPC trends by industries or to compere my prefomance with others in the same industry?


Thanks in advence.

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Re: statistics by industry

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Hi Roman,


I can think of couple of options in your case:


One is to review the Auction Insights Report ( and see what your competition might be putting more efforts on, in terms of everything. It's a good way to compare and revise your benchmarks for the industry you are actually in.


Another option is to see whether you have implemented relevant ad extensions in your search campaigns or not. I remember an update coming up on Ad Rank in the month of October where ads promoting relevant ad extensions are likely to have enhanced ad rank over the ads without the ad extensions: 



Re: statistics by industry

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Thanks a lot Pankaj,
I will check the insights, re the extensions I don't think it is the issue since I used all possible extensions on this account and have high CTR on the all so I don't think its the reason to lose positions.
my another assumption is the low season for this business and the competitors are increasing their bids in order to get better positions. but I'm not sure where can I confirm or annul it.

Re: statistics by industry

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Good morning.


If you monitor your Auction competition fairly regularly, you will, in fact, probably start noticing when/if one or more competitors' ads start winning more auctions against your ads. Aside from that, no, you are not given information on what your specific competitors are bidding.


The moving industry is very seasonal. December might be a slow month but January is a busier one. It's possible that competiors are boosting their advertising to start booking capturing and booking January jobs.



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