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split test geotargetted landing pages from adwords campaigns

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In my google adwords I have 3 campaigns, one for BC traffic, one for Alberta, and one for Ontario. I want to start doing split testing of landing pages for each campaign, so I  have made a bc specific page, alberta specific, etc.


Is there an easy method to test the alternate pages other than making duplicate ads in each campaign and pointing the duplicate add to the new geo-specific page?


GA experiments I don't believe will work as it distributes ALL traffic, so I would potentially be getting Alberta visitors looking at a BC page which would be a waste of a click.

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September 2015

Re: split test geotargetted landing pages from adwords campaigns

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Hi Hardie,
Yes, luckily AdWords has a very easy solve for this - AdWords Campaign Experiments.  Using AdWords Campaign Experiments you can use your existing Ads, but serve traffic to different landing pages.  The nice thing is you can have this only on AdWords traffic, not all traffic.


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