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should you direct traffic to page with "lead form" on it?

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Im wondering what the best practice is... i see with paid traffic many times people put the lead form on that same page.. does this really increase lead turn over? Are people that lazy that they will not browse around and click a tab or two to get contact?


Normally to me when i see a lead form right away its a bit alarming as i feel pressured without browsing their site for more info first. Additionally you may get more leads but again they may not be qualified or serious buyers.


Any real life stats would be great! Thank you.

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Re: should you direct traffic to page with "lead form" on it

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Short answer - Definitely Yes - include the form. The existence of the form on the LP is not inhibiting.


The LP that successfully aligns with KW and Ad Text - all being on the same plane is the actual objective - you want to prevent bounces.  Once you overcome the reflex to bounce, you want to provide them compelling, relevant text that reinforces the chain you established when they hit your page.


What you can do is try and anticipate objections and hurdles and provide keyword text links within your LP text that leads them to more answers on other pages (that have the form), with more text links. They may not click on the links,but little blue text links are reinforcing - "Aha, these guys know what I want".  At some point, if you have done it right and you have answered all the questions - the form gets filled out.   And often (mostly) the filled out form is on the actual LP.


I hope this helps.  /doug

Regards, Doug

Re: should you direct traffic to page with "lead form" on it

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Hello, Curiouss.


There's no "one size fits all" solution. It's all about the visitor's intention. Their intention, expressed by the search term, should trigger the right ad, and send them to the right landing page.


The closer they are to becoming a qualified lead, the more reasons you have to show them the form. The farther they are, the less reasons you have to bug them.


Having said that (and being someone not involved in lead generation campaigns, but being frequently annoyed by untimely forms that pop up during my first visit, and a mere 10 seconds after I've landed), I think you should have campaigns edaling with stages of your prospect. Let's say "first timer" (new visitor), returning visitor, frequent visitor, still looking for information, ready to convert, etc.


If you can't do that, a simple landing page test, combined with the keywords and ads that brought visitors to the page, can tell you what works and what doesn't, for various search term - ad - landing page version combinations.


Hope it helps. Like I said, I am not collecting leads on the websites I manage (e-commerce websites), so I may not be the most qualified to provide an answer.

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