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seller reviews not been updated for a long time

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We've been working over the last few months to ask our customers for reviews on reviewcentre for a few reasons, but partly to power the seller rating extension. We've had over 60 positive reviews on our reviewcentre page -

However all of these new reviews haven't been updated on our Google seller rating page for months. We've been stuck on 26 reviews since mid June -
Since 30+ reviews are required to power the seller rating extension this is a little frustrating.


Is there anything we can do to speed up the addition of these reviews? Is this a bug or will they be updated in time? Has Google stopped using Reviewcentre as a source of reviews?

Any advice or similar experiences would be welcomed. Thanks very much

Re: seller reviews not been updated for a long time

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Well do change some of there algorithms related with local business listings it depends on many factors to take out the specific website review and publish it . However you need to concentrate on different level of marketing as well so you can gain more visibility .