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seller ratings

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2 weeks ago, we had about 270 seller ratings listed with our adwords ads. Some were only 20-30 days old.

One day recently, our number of seller ratings jumped to over 500 ratings.

The next day, our number of seller ratings listed dropped to 55 and has stayed there since then.

Has anyone else experienced this? Has there been some policy change that affected the number of ratings that show with our ads?

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September 2015

Re: seller ratings

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Hi Waynef58,


Read these I think you'll got your answer and you can contact to google support for these




Re: seller ratings

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Hi Wayne,

Here at we have noticed jumps in review counts for clients every now and then, there might be a number of reason for this. One reason we noticed was when dates were parsed incorrectly from Google. It normally takes around 5/6 weeks for Google to get a clear picture of whats going on with the review collect for a particular url.

There have been no new policy changes to do with seller ratings.