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search keywords display keywords placements

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i get search keywords and views no problem (any bid seems to work fine)... i hardly get display network keywords to work (do you have to bid much higher than search keywords? i use the same words here as in my search basically just duplicated ?) BUT placements seem only to favor youtube ... any http site other than youtube seem to be immune from any bid ? is there a 'scale' that gives a % ballpark figure that guarantees a placement or disply network 'view' ... like 10cents search - 20cents display network and 80cents for a placement ... just to 'help out a bit' ?!

Re: search keywords display keywords placements

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best thing would be to check your match type settings, are the keywords on exact match only? If you set them  to broad match, that might help ( make sure you add in negative keywords at the same time). Also, what ad formats are you using? It will work better if you have a variety of sizes, as your ad will then be elgibile to appear on more sites. When I use new keywords for any campaign (search or display) I always bid higher than usual at first and then reduce the bids once these keywords gain more traffic. 

Last but not least, you may want to check your settings amd see wether your campaign is set to automatic or manual placements. 

hope that helps!!