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same keyword with different match type negatives

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I was wondering, if i have a situation where i run with a certain keyword in broad match modified, for example the keyword "+shoes", and i find out in the search term report that the most clicked keyword was "red shoes".


I then add "[red shoes]" as an exact keyword on a new ad group in the same campaign so i can bid on that keyword specifically (I'm using Target CPA).


Should i add "-[red shoes]" as a negative keyword in the "+shoes" ad-group level so they won't compete?

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September 2015

Re: same keyword with different match type negatives

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Hi Majeta,

Yes, indeed you should. It's not so much about them competing as you directing traffic. By adding that exact negative term to the broad ad group, users searching for 'red shoes' are without question, directed to the intended exact match ad group.

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